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Twice a day, our algorithm sends you new profiles of people we think you should meet.

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Serious about you, and your time

It's a date! Skip the chat and schedule your date. For €9,- we'll organize your date, first drink included.

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Our partner bars are ready to host you for a worry-free date. Only butterflies, no stress.

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Preview of a partnered location

Going on a date without a chat? That’s scary!

Not really. It's exciting and you might be nervous, but we've got your back. Our app is specifically designed to create a safe and comfortable space.

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75,4% exchange phone number after date
3 babies
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Sanne being carried by her boyfriend at a festival
I always said to friends: "I just want to date, but I'll remain single forever. My cat Rosie is enough company." Things turned out differently when I went on my 4th Breeze date. Last Friday we repeated our first date for our anniversary. Same cafe, same date, same outfit, was amazing once again. Thank you Breeze."Sanne

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