How does Breeze work?
When can I reach the helpdesk?
Our cancellation policy
What happens if I cancel a date?
Do I get money back if I cancel the date?
Do I get money back if the other person cancels the match?
What happens if my match automatically gets cancelled because I don’t respond in time?
What should I do if I don’t want to date my match?
What should I do if I don’t want to date my match and it’s less than 2 hours before the date?
Do you have any tips for my profile?
What does the blue checkmark on someone's profile mean?
What does the Breeze logo on someone’s profile mean?
How do I delete my account?
Payment, refunds & credits
Why can't I find my reimbursement on my bank account?
What are non-reimbursable credits?
When do I get non-reimbursable credits?
Why did I not get any credits when I referred a friend?
Why do I have to pay for a date?
What is included in the price?
I still don’t have any matches?
How does the algorithm work?
Do we see each other's profile at the same time?
Why do I get such a small amount of profiles?
How do I undo my like?
Where can I change my preferences?
What are matching pools?
Can I still get matched when I'm in sleep mode?
Can I limit the amount of matches I get at the same time?
How long can it take before I hear if it's a match?
How do I reactivate my match?
What are streaks?
Planning a date
Why are some days missing in the datepicker?
Can you change my date location?
Can you change my date city?
Why do I have to pay before I can postpone?
What should I do if I don’t know when I’m available?
The date
How does the walk & talk date work?
How does the drinks at bar date work?
If I'm delayed on my way to the date, how should I let my match know?
What happens after the date?
How does the phone number exchange work?
I’m nervous for the date, do you have any tips?
Safety & consent
How does Breeze ensure safety on my date?

In need of personal help?

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