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We organize dates everyday and are looking for partners throughout the country.

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Our partners have hosted 189305 dates

Breeze is not a standard dating app. Once people have a match, they skip the chat and we immediately arrange their date. This means we decide where they meet each other. This could be your bar, cafe or restaurant too!

How does it work?

Once users planned their date in our app, we get to work! We’ll plan these dates whenever it suits you. There is no monthly fee, and you can start and stop straight away.

A bartender with his hands on his back
1You choose when you want to receive dates
2We make reservations in your reservation system
3The daters meet in your venue, just like any other guests

What’s in it for you?

More customers

You can expect up to 20 dates per week, depending on your preferences.

Loyal customers

68% of our daters are inclined to come back if they had a good experience.

Brand awareness

More than 75% of our daters tell people where they date.

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Cozy café with small tables and comfortable chairs.
What I like about our collaboration is that new people regularly visit our business and we often see them return later.Cafe de Jeugd, Amsterdam

Want to host Breeze dates as well?

We’re always looking for cool, fun or romantic places where we can send our users on their first date. Contact us and we’ll make it work!

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