It has arrived: a new lockdown no one was looking forward to. At Breeze we know that most of you prefer to have their dates at a cozy café or intimate coffee place, unfortunately for you and our partnered locations this won’t be possible for a few weeks. Luckily, we’ve heard many stories of Breeze daters spicing up their Walk & Talks in funny ways and collected SIX TIPS for you. So we can all make the best out of this bad situation!

1️⃣ Bring your favourite hot drink ♨️

Let’s start with an open door: bring your favourite (hot) drinks. Impress your date with a thermosflask Glühwein, Hot Chocolate or be a total show-off and bring some of that home-made Chai Latte. It’s relatively low effort and you immediately make your date feel special.

2️⃣ The Tour Guide & the Tourist

Touristic highlights are highlights for a reason. You probably rarely visit those in the city where you live. If one of the two is local, he/she can be the guide, the other the tourist. Look up some facts (without overdoing it 🤓) and learn to know each other and the city better. 2️⃣🪰 in 1️⃣👏 ! (Dutch expression)

3️⃣ Prepare for the weather ☂️🧤🕶

Don’t let a really fun date finish early because you’re feeling cold. Bring your gloves, a cap and an extra pair for your date. If you really want to come prepared, pro-tip: bring a blanket you can share on this cute park bench (while drinking your hot drink from tip 1️⃣)

4️⃣ Pick your favourite snack/drink and do a tasting 👅

Choose one snack that you and your date both really enjoy. A Cinnamon Bun, Craft Beers, GTs, Apple Pie, whatever. Now go past 3 take-away places in the city serving that drink or snack and discuss which one was best! Could you also let us know in the helpdesk 😛? Then we know which place to reach out to place future dates.

5️⃣ Bingo!

Some hate it, most love it: games. Our favourite for a Walk & Talk date: bingo. Make a list of specific scenes, people or items you can come across during your date and cross them off together. A cute dog? ❌. Kids throwing a frisbee? ❌. Another couple obviously having a first date? ❌. You get it. This one is great since you’ll still have enough time to talk and are not only playing the game.

6️⃣ Skip the obvious & ask the original questions

We’d advice to not spend too much time on the obvious questions, and definitely prevent your date to feel like he or she is being interviewed ⚠️. Sometimes it helps to have some really original questions lined up. Think of them beforehand or help yourself out by downloading this 36 questions-app we really like. Teasers: “If you could relive one day of your life again, which day would it be?” or “Share the last embarrassing moment you had”.