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September '21

Feature in the AD

July '21

Launching the Visible like feature. Send a message with your like to increase your match chance.

March '21

New app version live, launching a new feature: Matching Pools 🏊

November '20

Breeze goes The Hague!

October '20

Breeze raises its very first funding round 💶

May '20

Now live: Breeze Walk & Talk dates 🚶‍♀️🌳

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Persons on a date Persons on a date

No online hassle

No endless swiping, chatting and ghosting, no nonsense. Breeze is a dating app, not a matching app.

Persons on a date Persons on a date

No-nonsense, simply face-to-face

You immediately feel if there is a click. If not, then you've met someone new in a low-key manner.

Persons on a date Persons on a date

An honest business model

No subscriptions, advertisements or data selling, you only pay Breeze once you go on a date.

Others about breeze

Dating with an app without chatting first? Breeze uses algorithm to make ideal matches”

— het AD

I think Breeze is a great concept, this app is finally about real dating instead of the other apps that are focussed on getting you addicted to swiping. You've really solved these kinds of problems, awesome!”

— Adriaan 27

Alternative dating app focusses on walk & talk dates”

— De Telegraaf

This app was made as if you would have personally asked me what I'm looking for in a dating app. I'm super happy with your team and your work!”

— Sanne 31

Less swiping, more dating: is the new Breeze app going to change the datingworld?”

— RTL Nieuws

This is simply a great dating app! It’s a very low-key way to find a date. It’s so unnecessary to chat for days beforehand. No-nonsense, just go on a date and see if there’s something there!”

— Frederike 26


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