March 25, 2021
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The pitch

In the Dragons’ Den episode of March the 25th from WNL at NPO1 you could see Marsha and Joris pitch breeze under the name "The no-nonsense dating app". What we saw as the biggest challenge during the pitch? How to make people, who probably haven't dated in a while, actually feel the real problems that are associated with dating apps. After explaining the concept by using the (fake) breeze profile of Jort Kelder we ended with the words: “Now that the world is slowly opening up again and everybody has realized how important face-to-face contact really is, we are ready to serve this market with our scalable product (...) So Dragons, we want to let the online dating world focus on offline dates again. Do we have a match?” Curious to see if there was a match?

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Dragons’ Den

Dragons' Den came back to life as thé entrepreneurship serie in 2020. After we closely followed season 1 we knew we wanted to tell our story to the 5 Dragons in season 2. The format is quite simple, but very nerve wrecking. Starters pitch their businesses to a group of 5 experienced and successful entrepreneurs; The Dragons. This season the Dragons were: Pieter Schoen, Nikkie Plessen, Shawn Harris, Won Yip and Michel Perridon. Jort Kelder rejoined the program as host. After a 3-minute pitch the Dragons get to ask questions to find out of the business and team are worth an investment. The most exciting part? The negotiation happens then and there!