At Breeze, people decide to (not) date with you without chatting first, solely based on your profile. It is time well spent to create a profile that suits you well. It could very well spare you hours and hours of online chatting!

💡 General tips

  1. Sympathetic and trustworthy 🌞 , that's what people are looking for on a profile. Because dating with a stranger can be exciting or even scary.
  2. Extensive profiles work better. With a few selfies and not much text, you won't break it at Breeze. Give the other a trigger (hobbies, jokes, personality) which makes them think: 'YOU I'd like to date'.
  3. Ask for feedback on your profile, and preferably from people within your sexual preference (as hetero guy, ask input from women). Friends enjoy doing this. It helps for seeing your blind spots (sorry to break it to you guys, but very few are actually interested in seeing a picture of your 🚘).

🖼️ Tips for pics

Of course, we all fall for personality. But the truth is harsh and our data is clear: the right photos are very important too.

  1. Your first picture is the most important , as it's the first impression you make. Show your face, smile and make sure the other is curious for more 😏
  2. No one is on Breeze to play 'Guess who?'. Make sure you are alone in your first picture, without sunglasses and that it's taken from nearby.
  3. '🪞 , 🪞 on the wall…' The answer is no: mirror selfies don't work. And bedroom selfies don't do it too well either. If you'd like to show your hard work in the gym, choose a pool or beach photo.
  4. Leave out the other selfies as well 🤳❌. Profiles with many selfies get fewer likes. People just like seeing that you're sociable, so throw in a picture with your friends or family!
  5. High quality photos perform much and much better. The data is crystal clear. However great your photo might be, few pixels = few likes.
  6. #notfilter. Filters make someone suspicious. Most are risk averse and not open for surprises on their Breeze dates.
  7. Videos work 🎦. Making the video might be quite awkward, but if you have something fun on the shelf: throw it in!

✏️ Tips for texts

  1. Use the bio-field. Data tells us: bio -> more matches!
  2. Reply to multiple Q&As. We know it can be quite a hassle to come up with something, but we still recommend giving it some thought.
  3. But don't turn it into essays 📃. No one likes homework.
  4. Watch out for grammar mistakes 😉

Breeze is about meeting each other offline. We hope this will help you to get out of our platform what you came for: more matches and fun dates.

X the Breeze team 💙