breeze, the online dating app for offline dates.

Our aim is to take online dating offline by organizing dates at great venues. We get you more customers, right when you need them most.

We offer you


When there’s a match, breeze arranges the first date and picks the place. As partner you become a date venue for our users. This means you can expect up to 20 dates per week depending on your preferences.


Our users are looking for new experiences and are loyal to the places they love. They share their date experience with their friends. Besides that, people on a first date are just fun to have around!

Customers on demand

Because we arrange the date we can schedule them at your convenience. This is a great opportunity to fill your regular downtimes.

More information

About breeze

breeze is different from other dating apps. Once our users have a match in the app, they don’t chat, but we immediately arrange a date for them. This means we can decide where they meet each other. Our mission is to make online dating more human again. We want to encourage people to actually meet each other face-to-face instead of spending time swiping and chatting on their phones.

How breeze works
Two people sitting at a table at a beach bar
Woman laughing while drinking a coffee at a bar

Every venue, their own type of date

We are looking for cool, fun or romantic places where we can send our users on their first date. Bars, restaurants, cafés, you name it! Anything can work for a first date.

We organize 2 types of dates

Walk & Talk dates

Need to boost your take-away business? Our Walk & Talk dates are what you need. The daters get a walking route with an overview of spots where they can get a drink or snack along the way. Your venue can be one of those spots.

Drinks at bar

Once users have planned their date, we make a reservation at our partnered bars, restaurants & coffee places in the city. We can place these dates whenever it suits you using your standard reservation system.

What our partners say

I really enjoy hosting the dates, we even set up a corner for them.”

— De Kat in de Stad, Delft

What I like about the partnership is that new people come to our place. If they like it, they come back again.”

— Lemmy's, Leiden

It's perfect to make up for the downtime we have after the first dinner shift. People on a date make it more attractive for new customers walking by.”

— Cafe de V, Delft